What Is This ?

KaanMasti is a Comedy Podcast based on real life, featuring Hoezaay and Suresh Menon – both incredibly popular with animals.

These are the hilarious, private,adult, in-between-work conversations of colleagues, working at a Radio Station.

KaanMasti comes to you as mp3s via a Feed that can be used on an Android Phone via a Podcast App like Podkicker, iTunes on an Apple device, or direct downloads from the website and the KaanMasti Dropbox.

The video version comes to you via Youtube.

Trust us, you don’t want your grandmother walking into the room when you’re listening to KaanMasti.

You might have to tell her it’s porn, because that would be easier to explain.

We didn’t even come up with that. This guy Suraj Iyer @bore_bachchan sent it to us in a tweet.

The best way to listen to KaanMasti is with Headphones On, when you’re travelling, on the treadmill, on the train, stuck in traffic, on a plane, on the bus, never at a funeral, while walking, while driving , you get the drift.

You must,however,swear to listen to KaanMasti responsibly as people have been known to bump their cars / laugh out loud during class etc.

This Podcast contains explicit content, so if you’re under age or easily offended LEAVE NOW.