The #KaanMastiS2 Giveaway !

That asshole @hoezaay got a new phone so as a public service he’s giving away his trusty ,old but still sexy Galaxy S2.
As a hardcore tech freak he is known to take very good care of his gadgets.
Even So, Read this Disclaimer before you enter into this Giveaway.

( You don’t have to, and we can’t tell you how, but Yes, listening to Kaan Masti’s episodes WILL increase your chances of owning the S2)

THIS IS THE #KAANMASTIS2 Giveaway ! ( Get it ? Season 2 , Galaxy S2 ? Shit.)

Here are the rules :

EVERYTHING WILL REVOLVE AROUND 2 TWEETS from the Kaan Masti twitter account.

1. Follow Kaan Masti on twitter and register yourself via the #KaanMasti riddle. ( Tweet 1 )

2.You will have just 24 hours to answer the KaanMasti riddle. ( Yea, That’s what we’ve named it.)

3.You get just ONE entry.Making fake twitter accounts to take part will get you disqualified.

4.The next thing you do is answer one simple question with the #kaanmastiS2 hashtag.( Tweet 2 )

5.Finally Suresh will pick one person from all the entries BLINDFOLDED, and possibly naked.

6.Finished mama.Own @hoezaay ‘s old but really nice Galaxy S2.

Please share this with as many people as you can and help us find a good home for this wonderful Galaxy S2.

This Giveaway will start the moment @hoezaay tweets about it which could be ANY TIME NOW.ANY ….TIME.