K@@n MaSti – Episode 1

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Hi i’m that Hoezaay guy that makes 7 second videos.I’m also that guy on MTV sometimes and that Radio Guy.

This is my Podcast.
I recently got a kick ass portable recorder that lets me record people anytime anywhere and there’s No setup required, they don’t have to worry about headphones microphones , wires and stuff which makes it easier to get real conversations.
These are unsupervised conversations and that’s how you should listen to them.This is not for kids , although children under 3 will love it because we behave like them sometimes.So if you’re easily offended please leave.
This podcast is about Real life conversations, and the people taking part in it are not allowed to “play it for the microphone”.

Listen to it off Youtube.

Featuring the hilarious, private, in-between-work conversations of colleagues, working at a Radio Station.

In this Episode : Television and movie star Suresh Menon , homeless person Kirthi Shetty , star of the youtube video “Shit Gujarati Girls Say” , Jigar Sudhir Salvi and as always me, that Hoezaay guy.



  1. puneet sharma May 10, 2012 5:55 pm 

    This is very entertaining. I am in office and listening to this. Its very refreshing and we talk the same stuff in here. Main part is it sounds so REAL… Amazing work guys.. M gonna spread this here… I will be your advertiser and I wont charge too :-p
    lol.. God bless bro… I dont know if you believe or not but I wanted to start a podcast too and i am gonna do it soon to record the stuff we talk about in office.. its very hilarious just like yours… 😉

  2. Avinash Kudtarkar May 10, 2012 6:22 pm 

    from where did u get this ideas guys. hoezay u rocckkk man. big fan .
    really liked ur 3rd episode fuck that KRk bastard.

  3. Vineet Apte May 17, 2012 2:35 pm 

    Hahaaaaa….lmao 😀 😀 Awesome conversation guys. Kudos!!!

  4. saipriya July 26, 2012 4:11 pm 

    cant stop laughing!! have heard them all sooo many tyms.. luv it!!